January 22, 2024

LOGE like a local: When winter calls you to Bend


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When we updated our site a year ago, we tucked in a section for each location called, wait for it... “The Area”. Especially for a place like Bend that section is extra handy when you're overwhelmed with awesomeness. So, we took that greatest hits list of nooks, crannies, and out-in-the-wilds that our staff loves and added a bit more intel here. Check out the list.

Luckily for anyone visiting us at LOGE Bend, there’s no shortage of local spots to check out. Our amazing staff put this list together, not just because they’re popular with the locals, but because they’re too awesome not to share. So, if you want to LOGE like a local, pack your bags and let’s go.  

When you want to ride a volcano: Mt. Bachelor

Ok. So, obviously, Mt. Bachelor. But if you want the insider info on which slopes to head to first, here are our picks according to your comfort level:

Sunshine: This one is a wide, gentle slope that’s perfect for lil’ groms

Pine Cone: Here’s your steeper, more challenging slope that’s a fave amongst you blue corduroy cruiser folks.

The Bowls: Head to the backside of the mountain for high-speed, wide-open bowls and ungroomed terrain that will let you choose your own adventure/quad pain.

Now that you have a slope in mind, an easy way to get there is to take the shuttle from Bend. The Cascades East Transit leaves as early as 630 am and the Mt. Bachelor Park & Ride on Columbia St is only 8 minutes from LOGE. We prefer paying the $12 roundtrip over driving on icy roads on the mountain any day. We also highly recommend checking out NOAA for weather conditions before buying your tickets online.

When you want to take your adrenaline down a notch: Deschutes National Forest

From checking out the Lava River Cave to snowshoeing with a ranger or taking a starry night tour during a full moon with our friends at Wanderlust Tours, there’s no shortage of low-key fun you can have at Deschutes National Forest.

When you want to see a frozen waterfall: Tumalo Falls via North Fork trail

The 2.5-mile hike from the car (because the gate to the trailhead will likely be closed) is worth every snowy step to the frozen waterfall that is Tumalo Falls. Bring your spikes or use the Crescent Moon snowshoes we’ve got for ya, just in case. It can be slippy at the top.

When you just want a chill trail: Phil’s Trail

In the winter, Phil’s Trail will likely be covered in snow so the MTB folks shouldn’t be bombing down while you get your slow hiking or snowshoeing fix for the day. We particularly like the loop this time of year.

When you own neoprene: Whitewater Park

Bend’s Whitewater Park is typically a go-to in the summer. The manmade river-surfing waves are great when locals don’t want to make the trek to a coast. But in the winter, nothing beats cold-water surfing during these less crowded months. The park is open daily from 5 am to 10 pm and can be surfed all year round.

When you want a museum and a zoo all at once: High Desert Museum

So, you’ve done all the fun outdoorsy stuff and now it’s time to do something different, maybe dare we say, educational? High Desert Museum is the place. There’s a sawmill demo! River otter enclosures! Art! History! All in a rustic setting! Excited punctuation marks aside, we promise it’s a good time, especially if you have kids. The TripAdvisor reviews alone should convince you. And the free day coming up on February 24th gives you the perfect excuse to try it out.


There’s a reason we only serve Thump Coffee at our Bend location. It’s the best. They have a few locations, but their flagship space on York Dr. stands out because the cafe is super chill, the patio has gorgeous views, and their firepit keeps everyone cozy.

When you want a pastry game changer: Sparrow Bakery

Sparrow Bakery is one of those bakeries where if you asked us what to get there, we’d just hand you their menu and say, “Everything.” But if we had to recommend the perfect 3-course meal there, we’d say start with any of their macaroons. Then, order the Monte-Cristo sandwich. And finish it off with their Ocean-Roll cardamon vanilla bun. This is the kind of place where you will want to take home extras just in case you can’t make it back like a local.

When it’s Tuesday (or Wednesday or Saturday) and only tacos will do: El Sancho

All the locals know and love El Sancho. So much so, that not one but two recent LOGE Journal posts have mentioned them as one of the restaurants they go to when they want a tasty taco. All the menu items are worth trying, but locals love the barbacoa tacos and margaritas (especially during their weekday 3-5pm happy hour). Head to their westside location–it’s less than 10 minutes away from LOGE.

When it’s time for your Après Ski: Crux Fermentation Project

Just 12 minutes from LOGE, down a road less traveled (where a non-local might get confused by the “Private Road” and “No Outlet” signs) you’ll find our favorite brewery, Crux Fermentation Project. With 20+ original craft beers on tap, panoramic views of the Cascades, food carts, and on any given night an event for all ages, this is the spot where, by the time you leave, everyone knows your name.

That’s more than enough to get you feeling like a Bendite when you book your stay. If you’re looking for something outside this list, just let us know. We’re happy to dig deeper to help you find your place while staying here. For more insider tips, keep tabs on us on Instagram and Facebook.

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