August 29, 2023

Behind the LOGE Scenes with Slate Olson

Road Trip




If you’ve been following our LOGE Journal adventures this year, you'll know that we’ve done a few features on our LOGE General Managers. This time, we’re peeling the onion back a bit further and talking to someone you might not see on the regular–the one and only, Slate Olson, our EVP of Brand & Marketing.

Slate! We’ve been doing these rapid fire get to know ya questions lately, and you’re next in line. Ready, go!  

What’s your go-to outdoor activity in the summer? Running or riding trails.  

How do you s’more? I light the mallow on fire, let it blacken all over, then add chocolate and crackers around it.  

Pro stickers or no stickers (on your water bottle, car, etc.): Pro 

Last great adventure: Hiking up to 11,000+ feet at Wolf Creek Ski Area, near South Fork. 

First/last concert: First: Night Ranger & Eddie Money / Last: Sofi Tukker 

How many tats do you have? Eleven. Nine you can see 😉

Now that our readers know you a bit better, let’s talk more about your career background. How did you find your way to LOGE Camps? 

I joined LOGE in November 2022. Before that, I’d spent most of my time in marketing, brand management, advertising, etc. in the sport and outdoor space. I did a full decade at Nike (split over two tours), seven years helping to start and build Rapha, a couple of years at Specialized Bikes leading Marketing, and worked to turn around Chrome Industries for a couple years. Before my first go at Nike, I was an agency guy. 

Wow, that’s quite the resume! So, knowing that you’re into adventures, what would you say still excites you about LOGE now, a year plus into working here?  

I think that the outdoors is freedom. It’s where you can both lose and find yourself. I love the idea of a brand, like LOGE, that can put you on the edge of adventure and surround you with the things you want to do and the type of people you want to hang out with. I loved and still love the idea that we’re creating a space for people to create lasting memories.  

We know you recently went on a road trip to check out some LOGE locations with Big Red, the official LOGE truck. Are there any other LOGE adventures you’ve taken or about to take that you want to highlight?  

It’s one big adventure, eh? Getting to Essex, MT was a special treat, I was literally on the edge of Glacier. Then, I spent a couple amazing days at Crystal Mountain–caught it on a powder day, so I got to experience the good-good. Of course, I finished the day at the Snorting Elk. Had to. Loved it. I’m heading up to Leavenworth next with my 16-year-old. He’s massively into climbing and bouldering so we’re going to wander the rocks and play in the river. I’m stoked to get up there.  

We love hearing about everyone’s first LOGE experience. What was the first LOGE you were able to visit?  

Bend was my first dip in the LOGE pool. Winter or summer, it is in such a perfect location. I love being able to ride out my door to start my day, so having immediate access to Phil’s Trail is awesome. Plus, it’s way better to have a cold pint poured for you back at the café versus a half-warm beer in my pack.  

What’s something special about each LOGE location you’ve visited?  

I love that they’re all clearly LOGE, but none of them are exactly the same. Each property takes on the history of the place before and resembles the community it’s a part of. Honestly, the people at each Camp make it special–all of them awesome–they really embody that idea of ‘Best Host Ever’.  

Since you deal with marketing, how do you see LOGE compared to other hotel chains? What makes LOGE so unique?  

No comparison. If you want to stay somewhere that really gets what matters to people who love their time outdoors, it’s clearly LOGE. Location, amenities, knowledge, attitude, activities, all of it. Add to that the true sense of community we work to build, and you have a place that is unlike any other group of hotels.  

Can you tell us more about any future locations, renovations, or exciting things that the guests might want to know?  

We have a lot coming over the next 6-12 months. We’re renovating some of the original Camps–Westport is going to be amazing as we update and expand. The cabins on the river in Leavenworth are a step above. Then, we have a number of new LOGEs in development across the West and the country. Beyond the spaces, we’re elevating the experience around the experience, making things like s’mores, firewood, and more just part of your stay. There’s going to be some great new gear at Camps soon too.  

Ok, we swear this isn’t a job interview, but what’s your vision for LOGE in the next 5, 10, 15 years?  

Whoa. Easy, eh? Yeah, there’s a lot to imagine over the next decade or so. Firstly, I expect we’ll still be having more fun than most because we’re working all the time to deliver the experience that we know we’d want to have ourselves. We’re going to continue to drive the community experience—we want to continue to open up the outdoors for everyone and are excited about the role we play in that growth. Oh yeah, and I imagine guests will have a lot more awesome LOGEs to visit in some awesome parts of North America and the world. 😉  

Finally, let’s get a little personal. We know you’re an avid biker and skier. How does connecting with nature and your hobbies help you connect with yourself, with your community, and with LOGE?  

It’s funny because I grew up in team sports, but so many of my sports today are really kind of solitary. Except, they’re not. Getting to share my days with my kids, friends, and meeting new people along the way is something that I love about the outdoors. I can push and test myself through my sports as much as I want to, or I can just relish the interactions and shared moments that come with being out with others. The more time I spend with others the better I feel, the better the memories are.  

We lied. One last question. What’s something you want the readers to know about you and/or LOGE?

If anyone is still reading, then maybe you’ll understand when I say that not every day is perfect. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns frolic’ing in fields of gummy flowers. But, when you’re able to take a step back and look at the bigger view or the long-term objective, it’s really a helpful reminder. We’re genuinely working to create an environment and community for people to love their time outdoors–to be surrounded by people who share their passions and get inspired by the big, beautiful world that we all get to share together. It’s great working with such a clear purpose. 

That was beautiful, Slate. LOGE is such a special place and we’re lucky to have you in our crew. As we continue to grow our Camps and renovate some of the existing ones, we always try to remember that our community is what makes us so amazing and fun. Thanks for reminding us!  

Do you have an adventure you want to share with us? Hit us up on Instagram or tell one of our hosts at any of our LOGE locations. We’re always down for swapping stories around the firepit and getting to know one another. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Why, yes, yes, it is.  

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